How Video Production is Done Regarding the Time Taken


In video production, there is a difference between getting the job completed fast and producing results with good quality. When you have a large production to handle, it takes quite some time to shoot and edit which requires a certain process to be followed which involves different individuals. Video production involves is not a mechanical process, but it’s an organic process whereby some procedures are followed for you to develop a central idea. You need to be good at telling stories, innovative, be good in directing, taking videos and editing for you to give the best results. All of these processes need one to be careful and attentive while going about them so that one can complete the production in the required time. When creating a video at , as the processes continue, the events seem as though they are real as they unfold. When creating corporate videos, the production starts way long before the video shooting starts.

When Viva Media company decides to use video production for enlarging its business, they should organize some meetings with the necessary people to lay down what objectives and goals they have. The video can include new agendas about how a product or service can be promoted to potential customers. A few minutes of commercial television time are used for explaining what the video is about. For websites, they provide more time for promotional aid. The thoughts and suggestions that are in the script should be shown in the video, and hence when you have prepared well in advance, you will save some time. Professional scriptwriters can be hired for preparing a script that will hasten the process and make the message in such a way that it is easily understood. Making a good script depends on how complicated the ideas are and how many re-writes that will be needed and requires from a few hours to several days.

You may require some days or weeks to get the best location and equipment to be used. Filming may need to be done in a few days or weeks depending on some issues such as the length and complexity of the script or events and conditions. For one to get the best results scenes are recorded many times, and the best is selected. Depending on the script and the number of locations that will be involved, you can tell approximately the number of days you will need to film the video. After you have finished producing the video, it will then be taken for editing. The time used for editing will depend on how complex the edits are and the animations, graphics and other requirements for the final video. To learn more about video production, go to


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